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  • Lace & Lacquers Features Stars, Cupids and Flowers

    Check out this great post from Lace & Lacquers. She uses decals from three different sheets including flower decals, Valentine's decals, and star decals. I think they all look great. Don't you? Quotable (a good tip for application): "I'm becoming better at applying these decals. The first time around I wasn't too big of a fan because I would get little folds sticking up. I've learned that while the top coat is still wet, I can take the top coat brush and smooth down the parts sticking up for a flawless look. Live and learn right?!"

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  • CraftyNail Launches $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    CraftyNail did a fabulous job with our Star Nail Decal Assortment sheet. In the same blog post, she also launched an awesome giveaway, featuring a $20 Moon Sugar Decal Gift Certificate. You should probably go check that out if you know what's good for you.

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  • Star Nail Decal Assortment Sheet Added to Store

      I'm super stoked about the new nail decal sheets we're adding to our store in the next few days. Our first new sheet is this beautiful assortment of stars. Whatever star you need, I'm sure you'll find what you need on this sheet. We listened to our customers and added a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes to our new sheets. Hope you like them! What do you think?

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