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  • Dynamite Does Nails with Holiday Decals

    Take a look at this great post by Scooby Dynamite over at Dynamite Does Nails using our Holiday Nail Decals set. Very festive! Here are some bonus sets, using a Christmas Tree decal... ...and Breast Cancer Awareness decal: Quotable: "...I found these decals to be of good quality, and reasonably easy to use. The decals fit my nails well, and lasted a long time with a layer of top coat over them. The edges stayed flat and did not lift and curl after the top coat was applied.""...I very much enjoyed testing them out and can't wait to place my...

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  • Sugar Skulls from Lace & Lacquers

    Lace & Lacquers did a great job with a couple of our Sugar Skull decals, including our Red Rose Sugar Skull Nail Decals and our Pink Flowers Sugar Skull Nail Decals. Love that yellow! She's also running a discount code and a giveaway on her recent blog post, which is super cool. We're excited to see who wins the $25 prize! Quotable: "I really enjoy water decals, they've been my favorite since I first tried them earlier this year. I do like the variety of decals and the details in the images. They are quite easy to use, anyone could...

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  • Nail Call Reviews Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Decals

      Karen over at the Nail Call blog did a great job reviewing our Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Decals. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it's great to keep awareness up all year long. I think she did a great job. What do you think? I love the equation she put together explaining the beautiful impact our decals give your nails versus the minimal amount of effort. Quotable: "I've so far had very good experience with Moon Sugar and their product." "It's dead easy with virtually no clean up. I can't say it enough how much impact and wow...

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