• KatzNails Reviews Christmas Nail Decals

    KatzNails is a great nail blogger, and she has both reviewed our product and done tutorials on how to apply the decals. Really great stuff!

    Here is her video review specifically talking about our Christmas Nail Decals.

    Notable quote:

    "Through my testing I have found out they are of excellent quality. Now the coating is thicker than...average. I have worked with a couple of different decals, and this is the thickest coating I've seen so far. For me it makes it a whole lot easier to work with. And, also, too, what I've noticed is that I'm pretty rough with my decals (I'm not a professional by far) I tend to have a lot of color separation. With this one I didn't have any color separation. They were easy to apply. So far, they've been very long lasting."

    And, here she is a doing a tutorial with our Frangipani Flower Nail Decals.


    You can see more of her images using our decals on her Nail Designs board on Pinterest..

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